Monday, December 26, 2016

week 23 and week 21 in MDM-Christmas Miracles

Hey Ya'll 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! This week has been super slow in the work because everyone has been so busy with life. Everyone is scheduling things for after the new year so that is pretty lame. But we are working with it. We saw some cool miracles on Christmas Day! We went contacting in a neighborhood and I really prayed in faith that there would even be people out. I silently prayed at every intersection we came to looking for anyone to talk to and promised my Heavenly Father that I would not fear that day. And guess what! 10 people were placed in our path, we were walking up driveways, running after people and shouting hello. We had so much extra faith. It was a lot of fun too! Fun to see that with an overwhelming amount of faith in the right place miracles do happen. None of the people that we talked to were very interested but they all were very nice and they were placed in front of us by God. I know that. 
I am just finishing up the Book of Mormon again, and I love it so much. But it gets really sad at the end, poor Moroni has watched the destruction of his people and is writing about it for us. I think that must have taken a lot of faith and courage on his part. But he did it because he knew it would bless us. Isn't that amazing, I want to be as valiant as Moroni was. I love the Book of Mormon so much! I hope that you all have a great week! Happy New years! 
Love Sister Witt 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 22 and week 20 in MDM~ "our trios down to two"

Hey Y'all, 
Sister Hansen finished her mission and went home this week so now its just Sister Lain and I. We were super sad to see Sister Hansen leave and now are trying to re figure out the area as the 2 of us. It has been kinda a crazy week because of that. 
We taught Ranjit and Smita again and extended the invite to be baptized. They are going to be baptized on the 28th of January, and I am so excited for them! The Lord has been helping a lot with their teaching. Its amazing to see how He has prepared them and prepared us for this moment. We are teaching a lot out of the Bible and the BOM and it always seems like we flip to the right verses when they need it. #MiraclesDoHappen! 
Our ward had this really cool Christmas celebration where they turned the gym into Bethlehem and did a live nativity. It really helped put thing in perspective. My favotite part were the angels singing the hymn angles we have heard on high, while walking around. We were sheppards, how appropriate for missionaries. 
I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you remember Him this season!
Love Sister Witt

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

week 21 and week 19 in MDM- "Little Flock of Bloomfield Hills"

Hey Y'all
So my new area is Bloomfield Hills, which has a Family ward, a YSA branch, the Temple, and 11 inches of snow. I am in a trio (or flock, that's what we like to say) with Sister Hansen, but sadly she goes home this Thursday for school, and Sister Lain, she came out with me but wasn't in my MTC district. Bloomfield is a lot smaller than my last area but is more populated. There are so many places to go contacting here it is ridiculous! In Oxford we had a Meijer, Salvations Army, GoodWill and Dollar General. There is a huge mall here, 3 Targets, 5 krogers.... Its amazing. But it also brings its own challenges. There are so many Michigan lefts here it is really hard to figure out which way we are headed but I'm sure the more time I have here the easier navigating the area will become. It reminds me of Provo, in the way it looks. 
We are teaching this really cool Indian family. They just moved here and are looking for a church. We went over the Book of Mormon with them and Smita, the wife was really concerned that it wasn't the Bible. Then I shared a couple of verses from the bible that testify of the Book of Mormon. I was able to remember them in the very moment just like the scriptures say! I was really nervous going into their lesson because of the 'trio complex' and the fact that my companions had already taught them once so I was kinda like an outsider. But the experience I had in that lesson was able to show me that I can receive the same revelation for the people in this area as I was able to in my last area. I am excited to be serving here. 
Have you all seen the #LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas video? It is so cool. It shows me how we can all be like Christ everyday. I hope you watch it and participate in the calendar it includes as well! 
Love Sister Witt 

Monday, December 5, 2016

week 20 and week 18 in MDM- "Christmas time is here, but I won't be"

Hey Y'all 
So transfer calls came this week and I am leaving. No one saw that coming but I am excited to be going to a new area. 
Oxford has all of these really great holiday traditions that bring lots of people out. On Friday night they had a 'Soup and Sweet stroll' and a Christmas tree lighting and on Saturday they had a Christmas Parade. Talk about contacting gold mine. We were able to meet tons of people and we had a lot of fun doing it. The 'stroll' is where the restaurants in town, there are like 10 different ones, each have soup out front and you go around eating soup from everywhere, and the local shops have candy or cookies or hot coco. I have never seen so many people in my life. Okay I take that back but its a close second to downtown Disneyland. Then they light this Christmas tree in the middle of town. 
The children in our ward have been working on a scripture chain all year long. If one on them reads their scriptures they get to put a link on the chain. We on sunday the wrapped it around the entire church and we got to help them. It was so cool to see how excited these kids were about reading the scriptures. We would ask them who their scripture hero's were and they knew the stories so well. It inspired me to go read my favorite Book of Mormon story. You should go read yours too! 
The rest of the weekend was filled with me saying goodbye to all the people we are working with. The picture is a selfie we took with Peggy and Dick.
Well I love you all! 
Sister Witt

Monday, November 28, 2016

week 19 and week 17 in MDM~ "2 Thanksgivings, and 1 Nephi 4:18

Hey Y'all! 
So of course you all know it was Thanksgiving this week and thank you for sending me pictures of the family at Thanksgiving I love them lots! We got to have Thanksgiving at the Franke's and it was so much fun. Before we went over we were store contacting which was kinda awful but we got icees, so that makes it a little better. When we got there they put us to work. Because he is the ward mission leader the Elders were there too. We helped them prepare the food and it almost felt like home. They had tons of food so that was nice too. Then we had district meeting at night which is a little weird because normally it is on Wednesday mornings. But it was fun. We got to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Peggy (an investigator) and her family. It was great because she let us help out with the cooking too! I got to make mashed potatoes for like 20 people! It was great to cook for a bunch of people again instead of just the 2 of us. All of Peggy's family are non-members so it was cool to be there with them. We said 3 different prayers over the food to make sure all religions were covered. Ha it was really cool. They took us in just like family. 
Shout out to Elder Whoevers parents for sending him a Christmas tree back in 2014 because he left it in Michigan and we set it up on Friday. It makes our little apartment festive. I had lots of fun setting it up. 
We taught Tonya again this week and had a really cool experience. We read 1 Nephi 4 with her. Before we went in we were nervous on how we could apply that story to her life. While we were in the lesson we read through verse 18 and then stopped to ask her "Whats your Laban?" Which was such an inspired question. She really thought hard about it and we did too. We all wrote down our Labans' and put them in a jar and burned them. I have never looked at that story that way. So I am asking you all to consider that question. What is your Laban? How can you overcome it? And then work on it! I promise that if you do what Nephi did and rely on the spirit you will come out on top! I love you all! 
Love Sister Witt 

Monday, November 21, 2016

week 18 and week 16 in MDM- "From 70 to snow"

Hey y'all, 
Okay, first thing I have got to say is that it is super cold in Michigan and its because of the wind. On Friday it was sunny, we were waling around in short sleeve shirts and our flats, and on Saturday it snowed! #CrazyMichiganWeather But luckily we were prepared and mom sent me out with lots of sweaters and scarves. 
We were unable to meet with Charles this week because he is sick, probably because its so cold. But when we talked to him on the phone he said he has been reading the Book of Mormon! This week was full of finding, yet again. We were off our game for a while but we did really well on Saturday and were able to meet our goals! 
We had our mission tour on Wednesday and Elder Perkins of the Severity came. He was super nice and helped us learn how we can make each meeting we go to a revelatroy experience. He said that we need to take questions to every church meeting we go to and that is how the spirit will work with us. He gave us a few minutes to think of questions that we could have answered in that meeting. Guess what? Both of my questions were very specific to my area and my people and they were both answered so I know this works! You should try it too, I know the spirit will help you receive answers. 
Another miracle is that we went to teach Tonya, and because its getting cold we had to meet in her house. Sister Lindsay and I were able to help Tonya find her 'disease' and show her the 'cure'. It was so cool, because we were able to make our little area of that house a place to feel the spirit, Tonya was able to recognize that and she started to read and understand the Book of Mormon on her own!
Sebastian received the priesthood this Sunday and it was a really cool miracle bringing experience. He said right as he walked in the door of his house, coming home from church, his mom sad she wants to come to church with him next week! Which would be amazing. He needs some family support, but the ward is doing so well to work with him!
Well I love you all and hope your Thanksgivings go well!! 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, November 14, 2016

week 17 and week 15 in MDM~ "Watercolor Blessings"

Hey Y'all, 
This week was about the same as last week. We did a lot of finding. Which is great, just not very eventful.We went on exchange on Saturday and I stayed in our area. I loved it, it really showed me how much I do know the area. Its crazy that this is week 4 of transfer 3! I can't believe how fast time is moving, its almost 2017! We met with a new investigator named Charles this week, it was a really great lesson and Sebastian was able to be there for it. It helped him see how much he knows about the Gospel even though he hasn't bee baptized for that long. Charles is looking for truth and we were able to teach him the restoration and give him the Book of Mormon. I know that he will find truth in there! I'll let ya know what happens with him. 
Do you remember Eliza? She kinda disappeared for a while and we were finally able to see her on Sunday. She came to the Blessings Fireside at the church and was really touched by the message and the music. The fireside was a was to get the relief society in the stake together and learn the theme for then next year. One of the women that spoke talked on hope. She spoke about paper and watercolor paint. She explained that when painting with watercolors you have to tack the paper down to hold it in place so that there aren't ripples when it dries. She applied this message to our lives. We are the paper, the tacks that hold us in place are the scriptures, prayers, going to church, or families, and the paint is trials and hardships. The master painter knows what tacks to use and where to put them to hold the paper in place, they also know of what paint to use to make the piece of paper into a masterpiece. The paint or trials eventually dry up and leave us better or more beautiful than before. But we must have the tacks holding us in place to make sure we dry flat and straight and nice. With that being said keep doing those things you are doing to hold you in place! 
I love you all and hope your week is great! 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, November 7, 2016

week 16 and week 14 in MDM- "Low key week in Michigan"

Hey Y'all, 
So this week was kinda crazy. Because of Halloween on Monday we had to stay in all night and study The District. Tuesdaywe were able to meet a lot of our goals because we were walking around all day. The weather has been super nice but the michiganders just say that means winter is going to be extra awful this time around. Wednesday we got to serve at the methodist dinner again. The minister Jenifer is pretty cool, we are going to give her a Book of Mormon this week when we go over so lets hope that turns out well! Thursday was another surprisingly warm day we spent most of the day walking around. Friday we went to another MLCM meeting and talked about the cultures in the mission. Since we aren't 'leaders in the MDM' its kinda weird that President Cleveland keeps inviting us to these, but I kinda like watching all of the STL's faces when we walk in. They don't look too happy and S. Lindsay and I just laugh to ourselves about it. Saturday we visited Almont again and were able to get in contact with a lot of less actives! In other words, we have a lot of leaf raking service projects to do in the up coming weeks. We met with Sebastian a couple of times in memebrs homes. He has just lit up so much since being baptized. He said that he has been trying to share the gospel with everyone he knows. I think he has been reading PMG. He is still thinking about a mission. Anyway we are working on finding new people to teach now that he is baptized so that is what most of our days are filled with. It has been fun, just not very eventful so this email is kinda lame. Anyway Love you! 
Sister Witt
The last pic is from District activity a couple of weeks ago... sorry its late! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

week 15 and week 13 in MDM~"Called to Serve HIM"

Hey Y'all 
Sebastian got baptized on Saturday, and I wish there were words to tell you what it felt like. That morning we walked into the church to hear water rushing through the pipes to fill up a once empty font. We sat in the library listening to that almost heavenly sound as we folded baptismal programs. We paced around the church making sure everything was set up perfect. Then they walked in. Outside it was raining but from their faces you could never tell. Sebastian's face was illuminated with a smile from ear to ear. He was laughing with Brother Ellsworth about something that had happened in the car. We took him to the font and he once again was beaming. They went to change and we went to do a bit more pacing. Let me tell ya something, those baptismal jumpsuits must be made out of the same stuff that makes heaven, because even though I didn't think it was possible  Sebastian's smile was even bigger once he was all dresses up. We took a bunch of pictures and then walked into the chapel to wait for the service to begin. Then the members started to pour in. We had at least 30 members come to support him. It was so incredible because it really helped Sebastian see that we are his family. He was super bummed that none of his immediate family could come but the ward made up for it. When he was baptized we got to stand at the edge of the font and watch. As he went under the water completely and came up again it looked as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He described it as "It felt like before my heart was covered with ice, and meeting with you its been slowly chipped at, but now it is completely gone. Broken off, melted away and no more." He had to go to work Saturdayevening and said that everyone kept asking him why he was so happy and he kept telling them why. He said that it was cool to share his experience with random people he met. On Sunday he was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He said that when Bro Hobbins confirmed him "it felt like there was a part of him that he had been fighting with for so long and in that moment it had died. [He] didn't need to fight it anymore." He said that partaking of the Sacrament for the first time after being baptized "was like filling a hole within [him] that [he] didn't even know was there." On Sunday the bishopric in our ward was rearranged and we sang "Called to Serve" as the intermediate hymn. I just stood there crying for the entire second verse. Here I am in the middle of a loving ward family with so many saints that are called to serve. Looking at the new bishopric, looking at a recent convert of less than 48 hours, looking at a priest who just got his call, looking at a recently returned missionary, looking at the Elders, looking at Sister Lindsay, looking at the primary president, looking at the faithful priesthood holders who all helped with Sebastian's conversion, looking at the stake presidency, looking at the noble youth, looking at myself. I love that ALL of us as members in the Lords church have the opportunity to serve Him wherever we are. All in all this weekend was an amazing spiritually uplifting experience. It helped me see that the Lord is in the work we do because He calls us. He prepares the people, the spirit teaches the people, the saints are the example to the people, and missionaries create the environment for all of that to happen. I love this gospel with all my heart! and I hope you see many miracles this week! 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, October 24, 2016

week 14 and week 12 in MDM~ "My Soul resides in Oxford"

Hey Y'all, 
So most of you have heard me say this but if you haven't here it is again. I am a firm believer that you have the potential to fall in love with every person you meet, and I have fallen in love with Oxford. I'll attach some pictures of my beloved little town so you can see just how cute it is. I am so blessed to get another transfer here with my favorite companion Sister Lindsay. 
This week was full of miracles brought to us by Sebastian. He is progressing so rapidly. He has been reading his Book of Mormon every day and plans to be done with it by his baptism, this Saturday. This week we got the members really involved and started having lessons in their homes. Sebastian asked Bro. Ellsworth to baptize him. The spirit in their home when he did that was so amazing that we all just started to cry. Bro. Ellsworth said he would overjoyed to do it. Sebastian has so much faith it is amazing. The Sundays he has been to church have been completely crazy. The first one was General Conference, then fast Sunday, then a normal Sunday, this week was Stake conference and next week is a 5th Sunday. He was sad that he didn't get to partake of the Sacrament this week but is excited that when he does next week he will be renewing the covenants he will be making when he is baptized. 
Another miracle was that we went to Almont to visit Sis. H and she thought we should go rake her neighbors leaves. Her neighbor is a less active woman named Kim that doesn't want anything to do with the church, and Sis. H is her best friend. Well while we were raking her leaves Sis. Lindsay and I told Sis. H about Sebastian and the miracle he is. After we got done with the story Kim opened the window and asked if we would like some hot chocolate. Of course we said yes. So after we finished raking she invited us in and let us say a prayer and chat with her. It was amazing. We told her about Sebastian's baptism and she said she would try to come! How amazing would that be! 
Anyway this week was just incredible and I am so excited to see what miracles God has in store for the up coming one! I love you all! 
Love Sister Witt
We got to go to the temple a while ago and I never included the picture... sorry!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

week 13 and week 11 in MDM~ "Another Week In the O"

Hey Y'all!
 This week was kinda crazy and jumbled. We got to teach Sebastian 3 times and when we went over to teach him  about the word of wisdom he told us that he has been keeping it since they first day he met with us! He Is preparing for his baptism exceptionally well. He has told all of his friends about his 'new found faith' and the 'joy that it brings into [his] soul' and has received an 'overwhelming amount of support.' He has been inviting them to his baptism and is working on overcoming all of his demons with help from our Savior and His Atonement. 
In weeks past we learned about how the only way to access the Atonement is through baptism. Think about that, the only way for those we love to really be forgiven is through baptism by the proper authority. Doesn't that just make you want to share the gospel with everyone you meet? Just make sure to keep the missionaries involved! They (we) are the only ones with the authority to teach non members all around the world. That's terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! Anyway feed the missionaries in your neck of the world and keep beign examples to those around you! Pray to see the Light of Christ in everyone you meet! 
Sorry this email is super lame. Next weeks will be better.
Love Sister Witt
I got Sister Lindsay to match with me. #majoraccomplishment #photoevidence

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

week 12 and week 10 in MDM -"All the Miracles"

Hey y'all thank you for all the love I got this week. Its weird emailing on a Tuesday but the library was closed yesterday. Thanks for all the questions about Sebastian. He is doing incredible. He is already sharing his 'new found faith' with his friends and some of them are wanting to learn more. He is an amazing miracle. He came to church for the first time on Sunday. Testimony meeting was great and the last hymn was 'I know that my Redeemer Lives" I cried through the whole thing and when he asked me why I cried I told him "because I feel the spirit" to which he responded "I know me too." We have been really trying to involve the ward on his conversion. We had a less active bring him and they really bonded. The Elders told us that he was really welcomed in priesthood. They told us of how the teacher asked the question of who had ever been moved by the spirit to do something. He raised his hand and told his experience of calling us for the first time. Elder Hratzfeld said "the spirit in the room was so strong you could grab it."We showed him the baptismal fount after church. He was relieved when he saw how simple it was. He said going to church felt nice and that he really enjoyed it. That night we texted him a scripture about church and he responded asking if we could meet the next day because he wanted to talk to us. He shared his testimony with us and told us how he knows he needs to get baptized on Oct 29, and hopefully one day serve a mission. He was holding back tears and I was openly crying. It was the most amazing experience ever! I truly know what it means to feel like a missionary! I know that that feeling comes not from us looking for it but from us turning outward to help others experience the gospel! 
Sorry this is so short again but i love you all 
sister witt

Monday, October 3, 2016

week 11 and week 9 in MDM-"Rainy week spent everywhere but Oxford"

Hey Yall! 
This email is going to be rather short because not very much happened this week. We had Zone meeting on Wednesday, MLCM on Thursday, Interviews on Friday and General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. In other words this week was a great week to be a missionary! I hope you all caught the message of missionary work that was so prominent during conference! I know we sure did! But then again I am a missionary. 
We got to teach Sebastian this on Thursday and it was indescribable. He is agnostic but since meeting us said he wants to believe that there is more. He told us of his past struggles and how he believes we and our church could help him. We told him that as missionaries we are not sent to teach people about the church but about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith. He had done his research and knew about Joseph Smith, he told us that he knew about him being a prophet. We helping him know of Gods love for him, because he is Gods son. He really liked hearing that. We got a texted from him on Sunday morning telling us of the drastic changes he had made in his life since we met on Thursday and how grateful he was that we are helping him see his full potential! He told us about how he was watching conference and had some of is questions answered but he still had more for us and asked us to come over after the last session of conference. That night he told us about the joy he saw on the speakers faces and how he wants an needs that in his own life. We told him about the Plan of Happiness and the spirit was so strong. I cried but it was dark on his front pourch and he didn't notice. After Sister Lindsay and I bore our testimonies of the Atonement he started to choke up and almost started to cry. He told us he wants to be baptized but it will take a lot for him to get there. 
This week was good! and I am running out of time! You know I love you and pray for you all! 
Love Sister Witt.
ps keep working on the challenges! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

week 10 and week 8 in MDM- "Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!"

Hey Y'all! So I was really trying to think about what to email about today and I couldn't think of anything huge that happened this week. We did a lot of contacting and were able to meet our goals for those lessons almost everyday! Which is incredible. The hard part about contacting is that a lot of people don't want to listen and those that do are always too busy to schedule an actual appointment. So we get to talk to a lot of people but we don't really ever end up teaching them for more than 3 min. But these are a few of my favorite contacting stories from this week. 
Ok so we were in the Meijer (its like a target) parking lot being super unmotivated and we decided to pray for motivation and listen to our jam which is MOTAB singing "holding hands around the world" we can't figure out why but it seems like every time we listen to that song we just get super excited about missionary work. Right as the song ended we both looked up and this guy in a cowboy hat caught our attention. We jumped out of the good ol Jeep and walked over to him. He saw our smiles and then his eyes went right to our name tags. He told us he knew who we were and would talk to us for a minute. He told us about all the times he has died and come back to life and how he is trying to master the 'bread and fishes table trick', he told us about the 'people who live in the earth' and how they are smarter than all of us 'air breathers'. It took all the strength we could muster to not break out laughing because this man was being dead serious. Well we shared some restored truth with him and he told us that we were good people and that we needed to "Smoke more pot and stay away from boys." He defiantly was following one of those suggestions. haha It was a good experience because it brightened out attitudes and we went into Meijer laughing. 
We saw a couple people who recognized us from the Methodist Church dinners we have been helping out with which is way cool! They come up to us in random places and thank us for helping the community! I can't remember if I ever told you guys about those. Well basically we were in salvation's army and this woman walked up to us and we started talking. It turns out she, Jenifer, is the preacher for the United Methodist in town and they hold community dinners on Wednesdays. We told her about how we are missionaries and how we invite others to come unto Christ and she was like 'Well you should come help out with the dinners, there are a bunch of people who need some hope in their lives there." So we exchanged cards and she calls us all the time about service opportunities and has taught a bunch of sermons about us. Basically she wants us to convert everyone in her church. haha but honestly the dinners have helped us find people and grow relationships with the community which is way rad! 
We met a man in Meijer who was having a off day and asked him why. He told us his wife had just had an emergency appendectomy and I was able to talk to him about when that happened to me and then to dad. He seemed a lot more at peace when he left us and was even smiling when I told him we would pray for him. 
Ok here is the most recent amazing miracle. Right as I was logging on to the library computer nervous to see what this weeks emails would bring our phone started to ring. The number that was calling us wasn't programmed into the phone so I was just going to ignore it. But the Holy Ghost told me to answer it. Well I did as directed and it was a young man named Sebastian. He works at salvation's and we have seen him a handful of times but it wasn't until a couple days ago that we actually talked to him and told him about the Restoration. He didn't seem very interested at the time. But while we were on the phone he told me about how hard it had been for him to dial our number and he couldn't figure out why. He said he wants to meet with us. I almost started crying because here I was thinking none of our contacting had been effective and that there was nothing to email home about, and Sebastian was sitting at home overcoming satan and calling us because he wanted to learn more truth! It was truly an amazing and humbling experience!  
Well I hope your Book of Mormon studies went well this week and that you are all learning all you can! I love hearing about the people you are bringing closer to Christ! Keep up the good work! Remember every member a missionary!!! If miracles can happen in Michigan mircales can happen anywhere! 
Sending All My Love 
Sister Witt  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Loved having your daughter n her companion over for dinner tonight.
Becky Hurst

Monday, September 19, 2016

week 9 and week 7 in MDM- "Chicken Soup to Save Souls"

Hey Y'all! This week was an emotional roller coaster. Tonya dropped us, she said that God just isn't ready to forgive her yet. Which we all know is totally not true. She said there was no way she could ever be baptized because she just can't stop smoking. But then she surprised us by coming to church on Sunday. She only stayed for the 1st hour but hey progress is progress! So we are planning on meeting with her tomorrow to see what she wants to do. 
Eliza has been super sick, her husband Rich said that she was too sick to come to church. So we made her some chicken soup before we went to see her! She was so happy to have us over. She has all these questions about the Book of Mormon. She is really studying it, wanting to learn for herself if it is true. And we just love it! 
I Love the Book of Mormon so much! It is the greatest tool we as members and missionaries have to share the gospel! How incredible is that! All you have to do is read it, really wanting to know if it is from God and you WILL feel the spirit! I love watching Eliza's testimony of this book grow. Watching her truly study it has helped me evaluate my own study. Ask yourself, are you really studying the Book of Mormon every day, looking at it with new eyes, trying to see what the Lord has caused to be written down for us, in this modern day. If you are not I challenge you to. If you are don't think you are off the hook. I want you to prayerfully consider who you can bring closer to Christ each day as you study the Book of Mormon. I know that as you do this you will see miracles! 
Love Sister Witt
sorry this email was kinda short... here is a picture to make up for it

Monday, September 12, 2016

week 8 and week 6 in MDM- "I need to get married and live, because this life just ain't living"

Hey Y'all! 
Haha I had no idea what to put as the subject of this email so I chose the funniest thing that was said to us this week. "I need to get married and live, because this life just ain't living" was a drunk text we got from a potential investigator this week in the middle of the night. It was super funny!! And when we needed to laugh this week we would just say it to each other.
This week was kinda weird because of Labor day, it threw off our whole groove and we had transfer calls on Saturday so that was crazy as well. Don't worry, Sister Lindsay and I are staying together and staying in Oxford!! I didn't really get to tell you about Tonya last week so here is down low. Tonya's house is crazy. She provides everything for all the people that live there. Right now its her mom, Alice, her uncle George, her 15 year old daughter, Jade, her 24 year old son, Joey, and his boyfriend, Chris. She had like 5 other people living there when I got here but they all left for their own reasons and she has noticed it as a blessing. She loves the gospel I can't seem to figure out why she isn't already baptized. For example, this week we over heard her telling Alice that the reason Alice couldn't baptize her was because 1 she wasn't a man and 2 she wasn't mormon. She told us all about the Joseph Smith story and how she just doesn't understand how any other religion makes sense. We have narrowed her problem down to a lack in motivation. satan is trying really hard to work on her right now because he can see the changes and blessings happening in her life and he doesn't want her to recognize them. I think that is why we have been sent to her, to help her recognize Gods hand in her life. Anyone got a good way to teach that? or have a cool way to help others see it? You know I would love to hear it!!
Ugh I just hate satan! Eliza had a really rough week too. She is depressed about the loss of a loved one. She called us crying on Saturday morning and asked if we could come over. We went over and she just poured her soul out to us and cried. I, of course, cried too. We shared our love for her but more importantly God's love for her. She asked us what she could do to have peace again. Actually she asked what scriptures she should read in the Book of Mormon that could help her. I love that she is relying on God in her time of depression! 
I hope that you all can share Gods love with someone this week! I love you!!
Love Sister Witt

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

week 7 and week 5 in MDM- "Massive Miracles in Michigan"

Hey Y'all I know I have been talking a lot about miracles and how I see them everyday but I want to let you know that you don't have to be in Michigan with a name tag on your shirt to see miracles. You just have to be looking for them. (Ref 2 Nephi 26 or 27 I can't remember which one right now). The miracles we have had this week are honestly so amazing that I don't even know how to put them into words. Last Sunday on our way to teach a less active Sister Lindsay told me that she felt like we need to stop by Eliza's house. Eliza is a Hispanic woman that Sister Lindsay and her comp tracted into couple of transfers back and they were able to teach her a solid finding lesson. They lost contact with her after that. We drove over and her built (like we are talking less than 5% body fat, tall, scary looking, not religious) husband is outside cleaning out the garage. We asked him if she was home and he went to grab her. When she recognized us as missionaries she got the biggest smile on her face. She told us that she was super upset that she lost our card and then her phone broke and she had to get a new number. She said that us coming over again showed that we really do care about her. We set up an appointment to come teach her and gave her a restoration pamphlet. When we went back to teach her on Tuesday she told us that she needed to come to church on Sunday, and that she had been looking for the Book of Mormon. She started shaking the pamphlet and asked us if that was is. It was so cute! We agreed with her about church and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was so excited when we came back on Saturday she showed us her outfit for church and everything! She has decided that she needs to be baptized on October 1st and we are so excited to help her with that goal! 
Our other major miracle is Tonya! The Sisters have been working with Tonya forever. Her son was baptized 2 years ago and she started taking the lessons with him. She has recently been able to see Gods Hand in her life and is willing to make the necessary changes to be baptized on October 8th. I am running out of time but I will tell you all about her next week! 
I hope y'all are able to see miracles this week!
Love Sister Ashlee Evelyn Witt

Monday, August 29, 2016

week 6 and week 4 in the MDM- "Miracles brought through crappy days"

Hey Y'all! In all honesty we spent most of this week away from our area, so this email is gonna be kinda lame. Between new missionary training on Tuesday, district meeting with the Zone leaders and splits on Wednesday, Sister Lindsay's 1 year temple trip and my Trio in Clarkston on Thursday, and President and Sister Cleveland coming up on Friday we were super busy! 
So because of the blitz the President has opened the Elders area to us so we can help them with all of the referrals and he gave us unlimited miles. So that's way cool! 
I have told you all about the push to talk to everyone, well now they have made a new key indicator category in our mission called 'finding lessons' which is basically anyone we have a conversation with and share a simple restored truth with (no prayer included). It is a lot harder than it sounds ok. Especially in Oxford, because no one is out. At district meeting on Wednesday the zone leaders specifically challenged Sister Lindsay and I to have 10 finding lessons everyday. We only had 50 min of finding that evening in Meijer, and the parking lot, and we needed to buy water because there is a water crisis happening here right now. So we set out and embraced the awkward and started talking to everyone, we talked to about 14 people and only 7 of those counted as 'lessons'. While in the check out line I asked the man in fount of us how his day was going. He angrily responded 'Crappy', I was determined to get 10 lessons so I asked why. He was thoroughly surprised and then proceeded to tell us about his awful day. Well we, being missionaries, told him about what we do... Leave our family for 18 months, fly wherever we are called, ya know the whole bit. And he was amazed! He asked all these questions and his countenance changed! He was no longer Greg with the crappy day but Greg who was smiling and laughing in the grocery store. We set up an appointment to come see him and his grandchildren. He was almost finished checking out when he told the cashier to scan our water too. I almost cried out of gratitude! We are going back to teach him this week and we are so excited! 
So I guess what the point in writing this email is to tell y'all to do something kind for someone else! I know you will receive blessings if you do so!  
Love Sister Ashlee Evelyn Witt
Your Favorite Michiganary!