Monday, April 3, 2017

week 37 and week 35 in MDM-always more miracles

Hey Y'all, 
I hope you all loved general conference as much as I did! I love the power and authority that the leaders of our church speak with! They make me so happy and excited to me a missionary! I will be working on not having fear like president Uchtdorf talked about and using the Book of Mormon more in my daily life like President Monson talked about. I love these men very much! 
One of the cool miracles we saw this week is a 23 year old named Aubrey. We met her while we were headed back to our car to grab lunch. Sister Craig shared her testimony with her about the Book of Mormon and I asked if we could meet right then. She said yes so we taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized. She seemed really excited about it. We scheduled an appointment for the next day and she asked if we could meet her in a different building. I was pretty confident I knew where it was so we said yes and went throughout our day. The next day as we went to the building I thought she was going to be at we realized it was totally the wrong place. We asked someone for directions to the building she was at and they decided to walk us there. His name is Carlos, we taught him the first lesson while walking to meet up with her. Aubrey doesn't have a phone so we wouldn't have had any way to get in contact with her. We were praying in our hearts the whole time as we walked that she would be there. When we finally walked into the building almost a full 30 minutes late she was sitting right there waiting for us! She said something prompted her to come back out and wait after we didn't show the first time. How cool is that! We had a couple other instances with her like that and the Spirit just kept placing us all in the right place. 
I keep seeing little miracles everyday. A text sent at the right time to the right person, or a letter coming to me on just the right day, or a bright yellow bag of skittles in the isle I shared my testimony in, or members from another ward seeing me talk to others, or popsicles in the freezer after a spicy Asian food Friday, or roads you can drive 60 on and the tiwii doesn't scream at you, I think one of the greatest things my mission has taught me is to see the miracles that are happening around us everyday. 
I love you all and hope you see miracles today!
Love Sister Witt
The rain soaked us this week and this picture us us trying to frown about it... We were laughing too hard. 
The Flint sisters all wore matching skirts to conference