Monday, July 10, 2017

week 51 and week 49 in MDM- Best Birthday Present Ever

Hey Y'all, 
I hope you had a fantastic week! I am now serving in Rochester Hills. It is an awesome ward the boundaries are about half the size of Flint, but so far I love it here. My new companion is Sister Reheis from Arizona. She has been out for 6 months and has had more companions that I have. We have been working hard to find new investigators because we reopened an area so we had none when we got here. We have been walking trails to talk to people and mostly everyone is nice but no one wants to meet. Until Dave, we were walking on the trail near our house and we had gone pretty far down. We felt like we had been far enough so we turned around and started to head back home. We got to the only cross walk and there were these two men standing there waiting for the light to turn green. One of them is also newer to the area and the other was showing him around. We introduced ourselves and started to walk with them. At first their hearts were really hard and they didn't want to talk much about church, but as we walked with them their hearts softened and one of them gave us his number. The other one Jim said he wasn't interested but I am positive his view of Mormons has changed forever. 
Oh I am sure you are all intrigued about what happened on Saturday. Well we had a special missionary meeting. They told us all to dress nice and show up and hour and a half early. We thought it was super weird but we followed as told and when we go there the chapel was set up with seats reserved for all the missionaries in our mission. We found ours and sat down. Everyone else reverently filed into the chapel and I started to read my Book of Mormon. I was reading in the best part of Alma where all the missionary work is happening. My apt 410 sisters walked in and all gave me hugs. Then the assistants announced that we were having a visiting general authority. We all pretty much figured it out by that point. They told us that President Uchtdorf and his family would be arriving and to continue preparing ourselves reverently for this amazing experience. We all couldn't believe it! They moved us into the gym to set us up for a picture and then he walked in. His smile was so bright and Sister Uchtdorf was right beside him. We all got to shake his hand when we were walking into the chapel. During the meeting Sister Uchtdorf told us that we are like fireflies spreading light where the world needs it the most. She told us that we are exactly where we need to be to do the most good. Which was what I needed to hear being in a new area, with a new comp feeling lost. President Uchtdorf left a blessing on our families back home. He told us to continue repenting. He was so sweet. President has been pushing repentance for the small things a lot the last couple of transfers so I am sure it made him extra happy. President Uchtdorf told us that our efforts are not wasted. Even if no on will listen to us, even if everyone is dropping us, even if we just feel like we are planting seeds. He told us about his wife's conversion story and how grateful he is forever for those missionaries that when to the 4th floor last door. I know that he is called of God. He has the most amazing spirit about him! I am so grateful that Christs Church is restored to the earth and that His Priesthood power is here too! 
Love Sister Witt 

Monday, July 3, 2017

week 50 and week 48 in MDM- "Firework or Gunshot"

Hey Y'all, 
Transfer call results are in and Sister Witt is leaving Flint. It will be hard to leave this place because I love it so much but I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in my new area. I won't find out where I am going until tomorrow so stay tuned.
So I will explain my subject line now. We live in the hood, well actually our apartment is in a fairly safe place but with all the fireworks going off sometimes it sounds like guns. At the beginning of the week there were just a couple random fire works but by the end there were so many. We all slept in the living room because we knew someone was going to be transferred and everything would be dead silent and Sister Rice or Sister Craig would hear a firework and ask if it was a gunshot. It was so funny. Don't worry 99.9% of the time we think they are fireworks. 
My favorite miracle this week comes from establishing relationships. I never knew what that meant but President Cleveland would always talk about how we are building relationships everywhere we go. Well there is this one Meijer (grocery store) we keep going to in Burton to go contacting. We always buy a few things and talk to people throughout the store while doing it. We have never found much success there but we always get drawn back. Eventually we became friends with Allen the door greeter. He is a sweet heart, he noticed us coming in all the time. He would ask us questions about the church and we would answer them and offer to share more. He never found time to meet with us but when I told him I was leaving he was so sad. He wanted to take a picture with me. I love how everywhere we go people recognize us as something special. They can see the light of Christ glowing so brightly in us and they want to know more about what we know. It truly is amazing!
After this week I am going to be the lone missionary from Heber City in the MDM. Elder Wade goes home. It has been fun having a missionary from my home town serving around me.  

I hope you all had a great week! Happy Fourth of July! Happy Birthday Dad! 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, June 26, 2017

week 49 and week 47 in MDM- Blow it up miracles

Hey y'all, 
I hope you have been having a great week and have been able to see miracles. I know they happen around us everyday. Some days its harder to see the miracle but I promise there is always one. The work has been pretty hard because of the slow summers on campus and sometimes it gets pretty discouraging. Sister Craig and I have been working hard on whatever gets thrown at us but for the last transfer it felt like we were just running into the same brick wall just to pick ourselves up and run right into it again. At a Zone Conference at the beginning of the transfer President Cleveland talked about if something wasn't working we just BLOW IT UP and try something new. He used the phrase 'Blow it up' probably 35 times in his instruction and well that is exactly what we did these last couple of weeks. We made it our project to call all the ysa's on our ward list. There are 130 ysa's in the Flint ward and about 3 active. We were able to find a lot that had moved and A LOT of disconnected numbers. But the miracle in it all was the Alcorn Family. Their daughter that is ysa doesn't even live in the home and hasn't for about 9 years. But when we called Brother Alcorn was more than happy to have us come over. We went over for dinner and a short lesson which turned into a 3 hour talk with the family. Mom and Dad are members but none of their 7 kids are. We shared the story of Lehi's dream with them and all of the kids (ranging from 6-19 years old) wanted to know how they could eat the same fruit that Lehi did. Well ever since that day we have been working with the parents to come back to church and the kids to get baptized. When we read the Book of Mormon with them you can feel the spirit enter their home. Its so unreal how it happens. Like just weeks ago I'm sure that home was chaos, but now with a little of faith and a lot of feeding the sisters they are starting to come back to the iron rod. 
Another BLOW IT UP miracle we saw is that we have been going to UoM because we thought it would be the most effective of all of our campuses in the summer because it is the biggest. But we decided to go to Mott on Wednesday just for the heck of it. There was a good amount of people there. The first guy we talked to wasn't interested but the next guy wanted to learn right there on the spot. We sat down and taught him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was touched that Heavenly Father had reached out again to His children. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was so excited to read it. When we taught him the Plan of Salvation the following Friday he was blown away by the kingdoms and Gods mercy towards us yet again. Right after we got done with our lesson with him we met Megan. We taught her this last Wednesday and she thought it was about time that we had the Priesthood back on earth. 
I am so glad we are starting to find success this summer. This week is transfers and I hope I get to stay in Flint so I can continue to see the miracles that come from blowing it up. 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, June 5, 2017

week 46 and week 44 in MDM~"backpacks, bunk beds, and baptisms"

Hey Y'all, 
Sorry it's been a minute since I have written one of these group emails. Things were pretty crazy here for a bit and then slowed down to nothing. I'm still on campus and I still love it. Its been a lot harder to find people because there are a lot less students here during the spring and summer terms. I am still with Sister Craig and we are keeping ourselves busy by taking parts of the Elders are to work in. But we love being on campus. The best part about it is that everyone is super willing to talk to you and most of them either need our message or don't so we find the elect pretty quickly. Also Pres. Cleveland is letting us wear backpacks when most missionaries don't get to so that's pretty nice. 

The ward I am in is so so great! All of the missionaries love it here. Its the only ward in our mission with 4 sets of missionaries. 2 sets of Elders and 2 sets of Sisters. We share an apt with the other sisters and sometimes that's crazy but its cool to talk with them every night about the miracles we have seen through out the day. There are so many miracles around us every day! Like the other day we walked into a store and this guy named Cory walked up to us! He told us he was less active and knew he needed to come back to church. He is coming to church this week! How amazing is that?
We got a bunk bed so now we have room for our study stuff in our bedroom. Because boy can those sisters talk! Sometimes because our secedule is so different being on campus it would be hard to have our full studies because they would come in and we would all want to talk about our day. But now it is so much better. #BunkBedsBringMiracles We are also the only missionaries in the mission with a bunk bed so that's awesome! 
Caroline was baptized a couple of weeks ago. She is the sweetest 9 year old ever! He mom wanted it to be her decision to be baptized so she was waiting until she knew it was true. Teaching her was such a great joy! That little girl has more enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus Christ than most people I know! We got to teach really simply to her and it helped remind us what the focus of each lesson and commandment is. 
I finished the Book of Mormon again. I know that book is true with my whole being! I love it. If you ever have a bad day or know someone who does tell them to read that book! I promise if they do it searching for answers, searching for joy, searching for peace it will happen! The Book of Mormon is true! We get the oppertunity to read it and share it! I just love it so much! 
Love you all!
Sister Ashlee Witt
9070 N Saginaw rd #410 Mt. Morris MI 48458

Monday, April 3, 2017

week 37 and week 35 in MDM-always more miracles

Hey Y'all, 
I hope you all loved general conference as much as I did! I love the power and authority that the leaders of our church speak with! They make me so happy and excited to me a missionary! I will be working on not having fear like president Uchtdorf talked about and using the Book of Mormon more in my daily life like President Monson talked about. I love these men very much! 
One of the cool miracles we saw this week is a 23 year old named Aubrey. We met her while we were headed back to our car to grab lunch. Sister Craig shared her testimony with her about the Book of Mormon and I asked if we could meet right then. She said yes so we taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized. She seemed really excited about it. We scheduled an appointment for the next day and she asked if we could meet her in a different building. I was pretty confident I knew where it was so we said yes and went throughout our day. The next day as we went to the building I thought she was going to be at we realized it was totally the wrong place. We asked someone for directions to the building she was at and they decided to walk us there. His name is Carlos, we taught him the first lesson while walking to meet up with her. Aubrey doesn't have a phone so we wouldn't have had any way to get in contact with her. We were praying in our hearts the whole time as we walked that she would be there. When we finally walked into the building almost a full 30 minutes late she was sitting right there waiting for us! She said something prompted her to come back out and wait after we didn't show the first time. How cool is that! We had a couple other instances with her like that and the Spirit just kept placing us all in the right place. 
I keep seeing little miracles everyday. A text sent at the right time to the right person, or a letter coming to me on just the right day, or a bright yellow bag of skittles in the isle I shared my testimony in, or members from another ward seeing me talk to others, or popsicles in the freezer after a spicy Asian food Friday, or roads you can drive 60 on and the tiwii doesn't scream at you, I think one of the greatest things my mission has taught me is to see the miracles that are happening around us everyday. 
I love you all and hope you see miracles today!
Love Sister Witt
The rain soaked us this week and this picture us us trying to frown about it... We were laughing too hard. 
The Flint sisters all wore matching skirts to conference

Monday, March 20, 2017

week 35 and week 33 in MDM- Miracles do Happen!

Hey y'all! 
I hope you are having a great week so far, (I know its only Monday but I never know how to start these things off.) I feel like every week they are cutting down email time in the MDM when the reality is I am just getting worse at managing it. I love love love the emails you all send. They do more for me than you could know. 
Thank you for all the questions about Chrissy and Alisha. They are doing wonderful, it was spring break at Chrissy's school which made it hard to meet last week and Alisha is in between houses but they are doing great! If you wanted to you could send some prayers Alisha's way. 
We are teaching some awesome people right now! The Lord is defiantly blessing Sister Craig and I. Even though we are on campus we got permission to teach Nancy, she is in her 80's. He son is a member of our ward.  We were teaching Nancy the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she asked about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity, we were going to teach that the next time we saw her but felt prompted to teach it right there. We taught her and she was very accepting of both it was awesome! When We invited her to be baptized the first time we met she pulled out her calendar and wrote in pen over the whole day "church baptism". She has such great faith. 
But here is one of the coolest and most recent miracles I have seen. A couple of weeks ago we were contacting on Mott and met this girl named savanna we sat down and started to teach her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ right there. Her friend Katie walked up right as we were about to share about Joseph Smith. We ended up teaching them both and setting up return appointments. But their friend was shot and they were mourning so they didn't want to meet. Then it was spring break and they were out of town. Well while we were planning yesterday we decided that we would really pray in faith this week for them to be placed in our path again while we were contacting at mott. This morning when we were there I saw Katie but wasn't sure if it was her. We walked over and she said we could meet again tomorrow! HOW COOL IS THAT!! PRAYERS OF FAITH TOTALLY WORK!! It was a really big faith building experience.
I love you all and hope you are looking for miracles working in your own lives! 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, March 6, 2017

week 33 and week 31 in MDM~ "its been a minute"

Hey Ya'll,
Transfers were last week and Sister Perry finished her mission and went home. It was sad but she is going to do amazing things back in AZ. I stayed in Flint and now I am with Sister Craig. And she is amazing! I am super grateful for her and the fearlessness she has when it comes to campus contacting. We have been doing so well! I have already learned so much from her. I'm not going to lie though its been pretty hard taking over the area, I felt super unprepared but the Lord has been helping me so much! I'm glad He has my back! I have felt so many promptings to go somewhere or do something that ins't in the norm but we have done it and seen some really cool miracles. One was on Saturday night, we split our p-day between Saturdayand Monday so we can be on campus everyday. So we went out to eat for p-day and walked around the mall for a couple minutes. While we were walking around the mall we crossed paths with this older woman and her dog a couple of times. Finally I stopped her and introduced myself. Her name is Lois. She just lost everything, her husband died, she lost her house and her land. She now lives out of her car or something. She wasn't interested in our message right away but we stayed and talked with her anyway. She was so sweet. She wanted us to pray with her so we did and she gave us great big hugs. It was really cool to feel love for her though she didn't want to meet with us. I bet next time she sees sister missionaries she is going to remember us and go talk to them. This was just her first tap. 
We got a referral from some missionaries serving in our ward, her name is Sherry. They taught her a couple of times and then she fell off the radar. She called them and asked if they could meet but she had moved so they sent her to us. When we went in for her first lesson we sat down and she right away mentioned baptism. She said that it was something she still wanted to do. Then her cousin Desiree came in and asked us what sets our church apart from any other church. As we taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them the spirit filled the trailer. Sherry testified of the first vision to her cousin and they both set baptismal dates. It was amazing! One thing my dad told me about a week before I came out was that every time the first vision is about to be shared satan tries to stop it again. We saw that in their lesson! Desiree's dog started to trow up as we shared Josephs experience. It was actually really gross and kinda funny. 
Anyway! I hope you all had a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Witt 

Monday, February 20, 2017

week 31 and week 29 in MDM- crazy busy campus

Hey y'all, 
Sorry its been a while since I have sent out one of these big group emails but last week and the week before we only had 45 min to email instead of the normal 90. 
Missionary life has been crazy fast and crazy good. Chrissy and Alisha, both got baptized these last 2 weeks and are receiving the Holy Ghost next Sunday. I am so proud of them and the challenges and obstacles they have overcome to be baptized! They are such great examples to their kids and their friends! The both have burning testimonies of the Book of Mormon and of the Atonement. When we were going over the interview questions with Alisha we were talking about repentance and she said "that's because of the Atonement, right?" I just love how much the Spirit teaches them because if it were all up to Sister Perry and I then it would take forever and a day to help people to progress enough to be baptized. Chrissy had a coffee problem and while reading the Book of Mormon she told us she had the thought "coffee, who?" and that she didn't need it in her life anymore to make her happy. Those are just a couple of the miracles we have been able to see with them. Chrissy has a 4 year old daughter and Alisha has a 2 year old son. It has been amazing and miraculous to see how learning and practicing the gospel have helped them become better moms. They have both made more goals and plans for the future because the gospel of Jesus Christ brings into every person who follows it a sense of hope and determination like I have never before seen. I hope and pray that you all have been able to see this at work in your own lives as you have practiced the steps of faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. It isn't a path that only those investigating the church follow but one that i try to constantly cycle through daily. 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, January 30, 2017

week 28 and week 26 in MDM- "2 weeks on campus"

Hey Y'all, 
Doesn't that subject line sound like some college freshman's instagram caption? But my new area is a campus area so my new companion, Sister Perry and I work only on college campuses to spread the good word of God. Sister Perry has been out for 17 months which means I will be her last and best companion. I am super excited to work with her. She is an amazing missionary. 
These last 2 weeks have been super busy and lots of fun. The ward I am serving in right now has 9 missionaries in it. I think that's the most in the Mission and we are at the top boarder of our mission. Sister Perry and I have been working hard to find new investigators with the new semester just starting. We have been teaching lots of Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ lessons and giving away lots of book of Mormons, but almost everyone is getting too busy to meet with us. 
We continue to see miracles though, its cool to see how the testimony I share with people makes them smile or how when we recite the first vision with them looking at the picture in the pamphlet the air around us changes. I love when even if people aren't interested in our message they leave us with a smile on their face. 
We are teaching the cutest ladies, A and C. This week after A came to church she told us how rejuvenated she was and how she found her answers at church to give up the addiction that she had no intention of giving up on Thursday night. 
I love watching the gospel change lives! 
Love Sister Witt 

Monday, January 16, 2017

week 26 and week 24 in MDM - leaving Bloomfield with bangs

Hey Y'all
So you will never believe it but I am being transferred. Only 6 short weeks in the town that houses Michigan's Temple. I love this place and the people here. This week has been a good one. We had a lot of contacting time again. We had a lesson with the Indian couple and they came to church on Sunday. The husband is preparing for baptism on the 28th and the wife says she might be ready by that day. They were so sad when I told them I was leaving. They made me this Indian cake and it was amazing! I love Indian people! I am excited to see what new experiences/people my new area has! I am excited to jump all in there and see the work grow. Sorry this email is short again! 
Love Sister Witt 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

week 25 and week 23 in MDM- "-4 degrees in Belle Isle"

Hey Ya'll 
I hope you had a good week and were able to work on your goals. This week we went on exchanges on Saturday in Belle Isle. It was so stinkin cold. Like negative 4 degrees. But we saw lots of miracles. We went into a Kroger to get out of the weather and started to talk to people, there was this super cute old black couple walking around just so in love. They were laughing and just having a grand old time grocery shopping. We stopped them and just started talking, they have been married for 47 years and told us that the key is to 'just always act like tomorrow is your wedding day' I liked that. They wanted to learn more about the church after we bore testimony about temples and how families can be together forever. We met this other man by the canned fruit and started to talk to him about his baseball cap because it almost looked like the Witt Ex. ones my dad always wears. Well turns out he helped build the stadium for BYU and always wanted to learn more about Mormons but no one have ever offered. How cool is that? These people just went grocery shopping and our testimonies could change their lives forever. Anyway its great to be a missionary. 
So this week I read my favorite chapter of scripture ever which is 1 Nephi 17. Look it up! Its a good one! Anyway I find so much comfort in verse 51. The Lord can instruct us to do anything and He will also give us the means to do whatever He asks! 
Love you all! 
Sister Witt 

Monday, January 2, 2017

week 24 and week 22 in MDM "where did 2016 go?"

Hey Ya'll 
I cannot believe that this is the start of a new year! I love the beginning of the year because it brings a fresh start. A time to forget the problems and mistakes from the last 12 months and to look forward with hope and faith for the next 12. What are you planning on doing in 2017? I hope you have set some goals and if you haven't it isn't too late to do so. I have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon 3 times this year. That probably isn't very realistic for many of you that don't get an hour of scheduled study time each day but I am excited to work toward that goal. 
This week has been a really slow one for us. Everyone has been out of town or too busy with parties and things to meet with us. One of our recent converts Oscar got to baptize his daughter in the Belle Isle branch on Saturday and that was a really cool experience. He was baptized 2 months ago and has already been to the temple and passed the sacrament. It is so cool to see what the gospel does in peoples life's! 
Love Sister Witt 
here are some pictures to make up for this super lame email!