Monday, September 25, 2017

God is so good

Hey Y'all, 
We got transfer calls this week and we are both staying! I am so happy because we finally started to see some miracles over here in Rochester East.
The miracle of this week is Andrea. The LO elders had a baptism on Saturday and we really wanted to go. Well actually we wanted to go to the one of Ashley Putnam in Flint because I taught her but that was a vain desire because it was all about me wanting to get to the baptism. The moment we changed our thinking from I want to get to a baptism to who could benefit from seeing a baptism the miracles started happening. We didn't have anyone coming on Saturday morning and felt prompted to go to a certain neighborhood and walk around. Which we never do! We were praying in our hearts that people would be out, and they were we were able to talk to a lot of people in a short amount of time but still no one wanted to come to the baptism. Well at about 12 we drove over to the church and decided to park there and walk around. We were walking on the trail across from the church and talked to 2 more people. both not interested. Now its about 12:45 and we are almost ready to give up. I thought about calling Andrea and inviting her even though when we invited her to the one in Flint she said no. But this one was a lot closer so maybe she would say yes. Well she didn't answer so we walked back to the car feeling upset. Literally right as I put the car in reverse to back out and go home, Andrea calls. I put the car in park so quick and answered. She sounded so excited to go to the baptism but it was already 1:05 so she was going to be late but we said that didn't matter. Anyway she walked in right as we were going into the room with the font to watch Shane be baptized. She loved it and said that she felt peaceful there. We watched the restoration as he was getting ready and weren't able to finish it because he was too fast. Well we dropped her off a copy for her birthday yesterday and she was so excited about it. We were able to give her a church tour after the baptism and she is excited to do her family history on today. This showed me that God is so so so good! He is willing to help us the moment we begin to turn outward and focus on others. I love the gospel so much! 
Love sister Witt

Monday, September 11, 2017

Service Miracles

Hey Y'all, 
I hope you have had a good week! Rochester East continues to be a fairly slow area. We are talking to everyone and trying to find those who have been prepared of the Lord. We have faith that they are just around the corner. Thank you all for the prayers you have been sending our way. We feel it and the strength that comes from those we love at home. 
Last week during weekly planning both Sister Korimi and I felt strongly that we needed to change the work by doing more service. We thought that was an odd idea because we serve at 2 really awesome places but we made plans to talk to more people about service opportunities. Right after planning was over we got a call from the Hills (the senior missionaries over service) asking us to help with a service on Monday. How cool prayer answered, right? Well last Monday we got to go to Romeo to help hand out shave ice at the Peach Festival. It was so much fun. Our mission bought a shave ice machine and we just hand it out for free where ever we can to get people to notice the church. The number of referrals spikes up in the areas that they have been going to. It was so much fun! We were right in the middle of the festival on the road where the parade was so we got to see it all. Everyone was so nice and we got to talk to a lot of people. It reminded me of Heber's Fair days. We went throughout our week thinking our prayer had been answered and happy because of Shave ice. On Friday of this week we got a call from the Hills again telling us that the 2 places we serve at called them and said they no longer needed us to come in as volunteers. We were crushed. They didn't say why they didn't need our service any more. And we cried a little about it because we had just started making relationships with the other people who served there. Anyway we had been talking to people and had come up with 3 places to serve at. What a tender mercies! The Lord always provides a way for us! 
xoxo Sister Witt

Monday, September 4, 2017

Faith and Works

Hey Y'all, 
Last week I promised I would tell you more about our visit from Elder Renlund, It preparation he and his wife asked us to read 3 talks: 'Fourth floor Last Door', 'Joy and Spiritual Survival', and 'The Future or your Faith is not by Chance but by Choice." These talks are absolutely amazing and I would defiantly suggest that you go back and read them if you have the time. Each talk focuses on faith and how we use our agency. Some of my favorite quotes from them (in no particular order) are:
-"Your faith is either growing stronger or becoming weaker"
-"Your faith did not begin at birth, and it will not end at death"
-"Each of us has likely had times when distress, anguish, and despair almost consumed us. Yet we are here to have joy?"
-"If we focus on the joy that will come to us, or to those we love, what can we endure that presently seems overwhelming, painful, scary, unfair or simply impossible?"
-"The scriptures teach us that through faith the worlds were framed, waters were parted, dead were raised, and rivers and mountains were moved from their course"
-"2 missionaries had faith, they were committed. They had the attitude that if no one listened to their message it would not be because they had not given their best effort... They had faith and were willing to work"
Elder Renlund talked to us about how we need to strengthen our faith to see these miracles and then we need to work like it all depended on us. Our efforts and action both in the + side. 
Other things that happened this week was stake conference. Elder Bennett came and talked about President Monsons last talk in April conference. He tells us to read the BoM everyday. I know that if we do this we will have power to meet lifes challenges! Fun fact I have stayed in this stake my whole mission! So when we has stake conference I got to see everyone from the Flint and Lapeer wards. Including Sebastian! It was so good to see all of those people that I love so much! And to see the lives that my faith has touched even if it was a year ago.
I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!
Love Sister Witt