Tuesday, July 26, 2016

week 2

I appreciate all the love I have been getting from home! Letters are the best part of my day. 
This week has been hard, because we started TRC's. That is where we go and teach real investigators every day. We have the same investigators for one week and the ones we had last week were both good and bad. The first was a Mexican woman names Talia. I love her she had such a sweet spirit, she wanted to know more about the church because she saw the Provo City Center temple being built. She had lots of questions and we only got to meet with her twice because she had to drive her mom to Mexico. I hope she comes back to the Mtc to learn more! 
Our other investigator was Elise. She was so hard. On our very first visit she told us she hated people and that she followed her boyfriend to BYU and knew a lot about the church. We (my comp and I) were stumped so we started asking her questions about The Church. Which is kinda weird seeing how we are missionaries and she is the investigator. She knew a lot but didn't see the connection. Our next lesson we taught about the Restoration and how this isn't the only time God has brought Christs Church, and the Priesthood to the earth. She was blown away. After that I was super pumped to see her again. When we went in the next time we invited her to be baptized and we had an amazing lesson, she said she was willing. #HugeImprovement The next time we went she 'lost her voice' and couldn't answer any of our questions. It is so hard to teach a lesson when you can't tell what the person knows because they can't answer questions. We tried to teach with the Spirit but honestly it didn't go that well. I was super excited to get new TRC's yesterday. They are both challenging in their own ways but I love them so much already. Here is a tip, if you want to love someone pray and ask for you to be able to feel Gods love. I promise you that it works. 
We had a band called the Nashville Tribute Band come and sing to us on Sunday. It was really good. We felt the Spirit so strongly. I honestly cry everyday here. Sometimes its because of the Spirit, sometimes its because of frustration, sometimes its because I miss you guys, and sometimes its because I just don't know how to express myself. The Band was good and they made me cry for all of the reasons listed above. 
Ok here is a really amazing thing that happened yesterday, it shows that the Holy Ghost really guides our lives and works through us to help other people. Yesterday after Sister Berthelson and I's second TRC we had study time. We sat outside on the tables by 19M and I read the BOM. After like 45 min of study I knew we needed to go to 11M. I told Sis B. and we gathered our things and walked over there. 11M is the TRC building and there is literally no reason to go there but to teach but I thought maybe we are supposed to get some new training record papers or something. When we got in front of the door Sister Ekker and Sister Carter were walking down the path, I waved and continued on up the stairs but Sister B stopped and said we should talk to them. I noticed Sister Carter was crying. I gave her the biggest hug and just let her cry it out on my shirt. We stood their hugging for a good 3 min while she cried. I guess their TRC was really hard. The lady attacked our religion and told them not to teach lessons. I wanted to march right into her room and tell her to get her fat lazy butt right out of the MTC and to never hurt my sisters again, but I have patience so I didn't. As we were trying to comfort her some Elders walked past they got about 5 feet past us when one stopped, said something to the other, they turned around and asked if she needed a blessing. We went into the nearest classroom and they gave her and her comp a blessing. This was these Elders first blessing ever, to people they didn't know, for reasons they weren't sure of when they offered. It took so much courage to do what they did. We had plenty of Elders walk past, some form our own branch and none on them stopped. But these Elders did. I hope that as I serve my mission I can have the courage and boldness they had. This was a major testimony builder of the power of the Holy Ghost. 
I hope y'all are having a good time! Keep the letters and love coming! And the cokes! That 90 calorie one was just the pick me up I needed. I have only slipped us and swore once but a bird tried to attack me! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE  you guys and think about you all the time! 

Love Sister Ashlee Evelyn Witt

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

first week

Hi guys! This place isn't what I thought it was going to be like but it is really great! My comp is Sister Berthelson she is for Dietrich Id and she is super chill about everything. I love her but i just need a little more patience with her. The other sisters in our district are Sister Carter and she is the cutest ever! and Sister Ekker and she has gone through a lot of awful things in her life but she is sweet! We are all going to Detroit! Our district is the best! all of the Elders are so in tune with the Spirit. Their names are Elder Nickerson, Elder Griner, Elder Christensen, Elder Wilson, Elder Johnson, Elder Mckee, Elder Fine and Elder Tracy. 
We taught our first IP Thursday. That means that our teacher plays and investigator. The lesson went really well.  We taught our best lesson the next day. Its hard to be with my comp sometime but we are working on it. 
The MTC is a lot of classes and a lot of learning, not really learning new things but more of learning everything more simply. Its good I like it. 
We watched the Character of  Christ (A devo by Elder Bednar) on Sunday and it was so good. I think the video is just an MTC video but someone said you can find the written part online. IT IS SO GOOD! After we finished watching that Elder Bednar came in and was like "The MTC shows this every Sunday and sometimes I come and answer questions afterward so whats your questions." It was so good! He taught us how to ask a good question and then let his wife help answer them. He is such a good listener he would answer the question to the best of his ability and then he would ask clearifying questions to make sure they understood. It was so good!
Guess what! I joined the choir, but I mainly lip sing. 
We taught our first TRC lessons yesterday and it seemed like our investigators just need some help getting out of their shells. One of them like wouldn't even let us teach her a lesson. 
Well we are all out of time! I will send pictures next week! I love love love love love love love love love you guys!!

Sister Witt