Monday, November 28, 2016

week 19 and week 17 in MDM~ "2 Thanksgivings, and 1 Nephi 4:18

Hey Y'all! 
So of course you all know it was Thanksgiving this week and thank you for sending me pictures of the family at Thanksgiving I love them lots! We got to have Thanksgiving at the Franke's and it was so much fun. Before we went over we were store contacting which was kinda awful but we got icees, so that makes it a little better. When we got there they put us to work. Because he is the ward mission leader the Elders were there too. We helped them prepare the food and it almost felt like home. They had tons of food so that was nice too. Then we had district meeting at night which is a little weird because normally it is on Wednesday mornings. But it was fun. We got to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Peggy (an investigator) and her family. It was great because she let us help out with the cooking too! I got to make mashed potatoes for like 20 people! It was great to cook for a bunch of people again instead of just the 2 of us. All of Peggy's family are non-members so it was cool to be there with them. We said 3 different prayers over the food to make sure all religions were covered. Ha it was really cool. They took us in just like family. 
Shout out to Elder Whoevers parents for sending him a Christmas tree back in 2014 because he left it in Michigan and we set it up on Friday. It makes our little apartment festive. I had lots of fun setting it up. 
We taught Tonya again this week and had a really cool experience. We read 1 Nephi 4 with her. Before we went in we were nervous on how we could apply that story to her life. While we were in the lesson we read through verse 18 and then stopped to ask her "Whats your Laban?" Which was such an inspired question. She really thought hard about it and we did too. We all wrote down our Labans' and put them in a jar and burned them. I have never looked at that story that way. So I am asking you all to consider that question. What is your Laban? How can you overcome it? And then work on it! I promise that if you do what Nephi did and rely on the spirit you will come out on top! I love you all! 
Love Sister Witt 

Monday, November 21, 2016

week 18 and week 16 in MDM- "From 70 to snow"

Hey y'all, 
Okay, first thing I have got to say is that it is super cold in Michigan and its because of the wind. On Friday it was sunny, we were waling around in short sleeve shirts and our flats, and on Saturday it snowed! #CrazyMichiganWeather But luckily we were prepared and mom sent me out with lots of sweaters and scarves. 
We were unable to meet with Charles this week because he is sick, probably because its so cold. But when we talked to him on the phone he said he has been reading the Book of Mormon! This week was full of finding, yet again. We were off our game for a while but we did really well on Saturday and were able to meet our goals! 
We had our mission tour on Wednesday and Elder Perkins of the Severity came. He was super nice and helped us learn how we can make each meeting we go to a revelatroy experience. He said that we need to take questions to every church meeting we go to and that is how the spirit will work with us. He gave us a few minutes to think of questions that we could have answered in that meeting. Guess what? Both of my questions were very specific to my area and my people and they were both answered so I know this works! You should try it too, I know the spirit will help you receive answers. 
Another miracle is that we went to teach Tonya, and because its getting cold we had to meet in her house. Sister Lindsay and I were able to help Tonya find her 'disease' and show her the 'cure'. It was so cool, because we were able to make our little area of that house a place to feel the spirit, Tonya was able to recognize that and she started to read and understand the Book of Mormon on her own!
Sebastian received the priesthood this Sunday and it was a really cool miracle bringing experience. He said right as he walked in the door of his house, coming home from church, his mom sad she wants to come to church with him next week! Which would be amazing. He needs some family support, but the ward is doing so well to work with him!
Well I love you all and hope your Thanksgivings go well!! 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, November 14, 2016

week 17 and week 15 in MDM~ "Watercolor Blessings"

Hey Y'all, 
This week was about the same as last week. We did a lot of finding. Which is great, just not very eventful.We went on exchange on Saturday and I stayed in our area. I loved it, it really showed me how much I do know the area. Its crazy that this is week 4 of transfer 3! I can't believe how fast time is moving, its almost 2017! We met with a new investigator named Charles this week, it was a really great lesson and Sebastian was able to be there for it. It helped him see how much he knows about the Gospel even though he hasn't bee baptized for that long. Charles is looking for truth and we were able to teach him the restoration and give him the Book of Mormon. I know that he will find truth in there! I'll let ya know what happens with him. 
Do you remember Eliza? She kinda disappeared for a while and we were finally able to see her on Sunday. She came to the Blessings Fireside at the church and was really touched by the message and the music. The fireside was a was to get the relief society in the stake together and learn the theme for then next year. One of the women that spoke talked on hope. She spoke about paper and watercolor paint. She explained that when painting with watercolors you have to tack the paper down to hold it in place so that there aren't ripples when it dries. She applied this message to our lives. We are the paper, the tacks that hold us in place are the scriptures, prayers, going to church, or families, and the paint is trials and hardships. The master painter knows what tacks to use and where to put them to hold the paper in place, they also know of what paint to use to make the piece of paper into a masterpiece. The paint or trials eventually dry up and leave us better or more beautiful than before. But we must have the tacks holding us in place to make sure we dry flat and straight and nice. With that being said keep doing those things you are doing to hold you in place! 
I love you all and hope your week is great! 
Love Sister Witt

Monday, November 7, 2016

week 16 and week 14 in MDM- "Low key week in Michigan"

Hey Y'all, 
So this week was kinda crazy. Because of Halloween on Monday we had to stay in all night and study The District. Tuesdaywe were able to meet a lot of our goals because we were walking around all day. The weather has been super nice but the michiganders just say that means winter is going to be extra awful this time around. Wednesday we got to serve at the methodist dinner again. The minister Jenifer is pretty cool, we are going to give her a Book of Mormon this week when we go over so lets hope that turns out well! Thursday was another surprisingly warm day we spent most of the day walking around. Friday we went to another MLCM meeting and talked about the cultures in the mission. Since we aren't 'leaders in the MDM' its kinda weird that President Cleveland keeps inviting us to these, but I kinda like watching all of the STL's faces when we walk in. They don't look too happy and S. Lindsay and I just laugh to ourselves about it. Saturday we visited Almont again and were able to get in contact with a lot of less actives! In other words, we have a lot of leaf raking service projects to do in the up coming weeks. We met with Sebastian a couple of times in memebrs homes. He has just lit up so much since being baptized. He said that he has been trying to share the gospel with everyone he knows. I think he has been reading PMG. He is still thinking about a mission. Anyway we are working on finding new people to teach now that he is baptized so that is what most of our days are filled with. It has been fun, just not very eventful so this email is kinda lame. Anyway Love you! 
Sister Witt
The last pic is from District activity a couple of weeks ago... sorry its late!