Monday, February 20, 2017

week 31 and week 29 in MDM- crazy busy campus

Hey y'all, 
Sorry its been a while since I have sent out one of these big group emails but last week and the week before we only had 45 min to email instead of the normal 90. 
Missionary life has been crazy fast and crazy good. Chrissy and Alisha, both got baptized these last 2 weeks and are receiving the Holy Ghost next Sunday. I am so proud of them and the challenges and obstacles they have overcome to be baptized! They are such great examples to their kids and their friends! The both have burning testimonies of the Book of Mormon and of the Atonement. When we were going over the interview questions with Alisha we were talking about repentance and she said "that's because of the Atonement, right?" I just love how much the Spirit teaches them because if it were all up to Sister Perry and I then it would take forever and a day to help people to progress enough to be baptized. Chrissy had a coffee problem and while reading the Book of Mormon she told us she had the thought "coffee, who?" and that she didn't need it in her life anymore to make her happy. Those are just a couple of the miracles we have been able to see with them. Chrissy has a 4 year old daughter and Alisha has a 2 year old son. It has been amazing and miraculous to see how learning and practicing the gospel have helped them become better moms. They have both made more goals and plans for the future because the gospel of Jesus Christ brings into every person who follows it a sense of hope and determination like I have never before seen. I hope and pray that you all have been able to see this at work in your own lives as you have practiced the steps of faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. It isn't a path that only those investigating the church follow but one that i try to constantly cycle through daily. 
Love Sister Witt