Monday, June 26, 2017

week 49 and week 47 in MDM- Blow it up miracles

Hey y'all, 
I hope you have been having a great week and have been able to see miracles. I know they happen around us everyday. Some days its harder to see the miracle but I promise there is always one. The work has been pretty hard because of the slow summers on campus and sometimes it gets pretty discouraging. Sister Craig and I have been working hard on whatever gets thrown at us but for the last transfer it felt like we were just running into the same brick wall just to pick ourselves up and run right into it again. At a Zone Conference at the beginning of the transfer President Cleveland talked about if something wasn't working we just BLOW IT UP and try something new. He used the phrase 'Blow it up' probably 35 times in his instruction and well that is exactly what we did these last couple of weeks. We made it our project to call all the ysa's on our ward list. There are 130 ysa's in the Flint ward and about 3 active. We were able to find a lot that had moved and A LOT of disconnected numbers. But the miracle in it all was the Alcorn Family. Their daughter that is ysa doesn't even live in the home and hasn't for about 9 years. But when we called Brother Alcorn was more than happy to have us come over. We went over for dinner and a short lesson which turned into a 3 hour talk with the family. Mom and Dad are members but none of their 7 kids are. We shared the story of Lehi's dream with them and all of the kids (ranging from 6-19 years old) wanted to know how they could eat the same fruit that Lehi did. Well ever since that day we have been working with the parents to come back to church and the kids to get baptized. When we read the Book of Mormon with them you can feel the spirit enter their home. Its so unreal how it happens. Like just weeks ago I'm sure that home was chaos, but now with a little of faith and a lot of feeding the sisters they are starting to come back to the iron rod. 
Another BLOW IT UP miracle we saw is that we have been going to UoM because we thought it would be the most effective of all of our campuses in the summer because it is the biggest. But we decided to go to Mott on Wednesday just for the heck of it. There was a good amount of people there. The first guy we talked to wasn't interested but the next guy wanted to learn right there on the spot. We sat down and taught him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was touched that Heavenly Father had reached out again to His children. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was so excited to read it. When we taught him the Plan of Salvation the following Friday he was blown away by the kingdoms and Gods mercy towards us yet again. Right after we got done with our lesson with him we met Megan. We taught her this last Wednesday and she thought it was about time that we had the Priesthood back on earth. 
I am so glad we are starting to find success this summer. This week is transfers and I hope I get to stay in Flint so I can continue to see the miracles that come from blowing it up. 
Love Sister Witt

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